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"If advocates of affirmative action want people to believe in the abilities of black children, we must stop treating them as if blackness itself needs to be accommodated." —Sheryll Cashin answers her critics

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Place, Not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America cover

"Brilliant—Skillfully blending her personal story as an upper-middle-class black professional with a wide range of research on what constitutes the biggest barriers to success today, Cashin provides a compelling blueprint for a new, much stronger, form of affirmative action based on actual disadvantage.” —New Republic

Place, Not Race is a courageous and deeply insightful contribution to our racial justice discourse, offering a perspective that is both desperately needed and long overdue.” —Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

“A thought-provoking look at affirmative action in America. Whether you agree or disagree with her ideas, it is an important debate for our country to have, and Place, Not Race is a critical contribution to that debate.” —Benjamin Todd Jealous, president and CEO, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

“As America becomes more diverse, it paradoxically finds itself increasingly stratified on the basis of place rather than race. Sheryll Cashin's refreshing call for a new multiracial politics of inclusion is a timely and greatly needed addition to the civil rights debate, one that deserves strong support among Americans of all origins.” —Douglas S. Massey, author of American Apartheid

Love and Fury: A Memoir cover

“Masterful and necessary…this fine memoir will move you the way all great literature does—it will wake you up, it will make you see, it may even change how you live this one life you’ve been given.” —Andre Dubus III, author of Townie: A Memoir

Watch a video of Richard reading a selection from the book.

 Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal cover

“A clear-headed and smart book that locates the struggles of immigrants squarely in the struggles for human rights. Nothing less is to be accommodated, and much more is to be imagined.” —Vijay Prashad, author of The Poorer Nations

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 Among Chimpanzees: Field Notes from the Race to Save Our Endangered Relatives cover

“In this delightful and insightful book, Nancy shares the stories of people who have made enormous differences in the lives of chimpanzees.” —Jane Goodall, from the Foreword

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