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Weaving a Family

Untangling Race and Adoption

Author: Barbara Katz Rothman

A pathbreaking study of the continuing impact of race and adoption on our society by a sociologist who is also the white mother of an African American child

Weaving together the sociological, the historical, and the personal, Barbara Katz Rothman looks at the contemporary American family through the lens of race, race through the lens of adoption, and all-race, family, and adoption-within the context of the changing meanings of motherhood.
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“What a fine and complex book this is! Barbara Katz Rothman takes us, with lucidity and (often brave) good humor, through the tangle of pains and satisfactions that come with her family’s challenge to the racial status quo.” -Rosellen Brown, author of Half a Heart and Before and After

“Is it right for white parents to adopt African-American children? How does a white parent expose her black daughter to two cultures? Protect the child from insensitive remarks? Sociologist Barbara Katz Rothman . . . doesn’t just describe what it’s like to be the white mother of a black girl. Rothman skillfully debates adoption ethics, the commodification of children, and the politics of inequality in America.” -Anne E. Stein, Chicago Tribune

“In Weaving a Family, the sociologist and white mother of an African American girl provides an accessible, sensitive portrayal of the inherent sociological complexities of mixed-race adoption and parenting.” -Melissa Chianta, Mothering

“A bold and passionate autobiographical account . . . of a white mother raising her adopted black daughter. Rothman is a loving mother and also a fine sociologist. The blend of these gives us an honest and insightful book. A must read.” -Arlie Hochschild, author of The Commercialization of Intimate Life

“A revealing personal account which combines sound sociological knowledge and current data with a firsthand, intimate portrayal of multiracial family life. For families contemplating transracial adoption, or interracially adoptive families, this book should be read.” -Professor Howard Altstein, University of Maryland School of Social Work

Weaving a Family makes a remarkably original contribution to the literature on race and adoption. Writing as a mother and a sociologist, Barbara Katz Rothman provides insightful, urgent lessons on mothering children in a racist world . . . Weaving a Family is ultimately hopeful about the possibility of building just and loving relationships across racial borders.” -Dorothy Roberts, author of Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare


Review: Colorlines - August 1, 2006
“Katz Rothman reveals race to be a house of mirrors with its dizzying interruptions and distortions, reflections and reflexes. The strength of this book lies in its unflagging attention to nuance and its reliance on lived experience.”

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Weaving a Family

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