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Time and the Gardener

Writings on a Lifelong Passion

Author: Elisabeth Sheldon

From her vantage point as an octogenarian gardener, Elisabeth Sheldon knows that one of the most important elements in the making of both a great garden and a great gardener is the passage of time. Now, in Time and the Gardener, Sheldon shares with readers the lessons, triumphs, tips, and favorite plants that have inspired her over the last three decades.
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“Perfect for rainy days and cold winter evenings . . . a collection of vividly written essays that will amuse you and change the way you think about gardens.” —Norma Prendergast, The American Gardener

“A fine collection of essays that provides bite-sized coaching for the intermediate to advanced gardener.” —Cynthia Crossen, Wall Street Journal

“Lovely and lyrical, Sheldon’s prose is enough to boost even the most dedicated armchair gardener from his or her seat and into the garden. Not since Thalassa Cruso has there been such a lucent, informative voice.” —Michael Weishan, Host of PBS-TV’s The Victory Garden

“A welcome relief from the glossy fluff so often passed off as gardening literature, this book will be a joy to readers with an interest in gardening, from neophytes to seasoned experts.” —Publishers Weekly

“Refreshingly straightforward . . . [Time and the Gardener] engages and informs.” —Country Living Gardener

“This collection shows Sheldon at her best . . . generous, experienced, capable of a little mischief.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Time and the Gardener

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