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The Wake of War

Encounters with the People of Iraq and Afghanistan

Author: Anne Nivat

A renowned journalist’s travels in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion and occupation

In the spring of 2003, acclaimed journalist Anne Nivat set off from Tajikistan on a six-month journey through the aftermath of the American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Nivat felt compelled to meet and write about the lives of everyday people, whom she allows to speak in their own voices, in their own words--words of hope, sadness, anger, and, above all, the uncertainty that fills their everyday lives. Her new Preface for the paperback edition looks at the situation in Iraq today.
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“The truth that Nivat constructs in The Wake of War is . . . compelling. Nivat is perhaps best known for her reporting on Chechnya, where she disguised herself as a Chechen woman to evade a ban on journalists. Her new work is no less courageous.” -Tom Montgomery-Fate, Boston Globe

“The wars in which the United States has been engaged since 9/11 seem distant and almost unreal. This book provides us with vivid firsthand voices of ordinary people from these two devastated battlefields . . . A riveting and essential book for an understanding of the true import of these faraway wars.” -Rashid Khalidi, author of Resurrecting Empire

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The Wake of War

ISBN: 978-080700239-1
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Pages: 320
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