Beacon Press: The Porning of America
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The Porning of America

The Rise of Porn Culture, What It Means, and Where We Go from Here

Authors: Carmine Sarracino, Kevin M. Scott

Whether deconstructing Bratz dolls or the tragedy of Abu Ghraib, this urgent book reveals that porn has become the mainstream and the mainstream has become porn

Sarracino and Scott argue that we no longer have to purchase pornography to get porn because we increasingly live porn in our daily lives. Resolutely pro-sex, they contend that, to make the most of our hard-won sexual freedom, we must thoughtfully-and honestly-evaluate what is both liberating and damaging about porn.
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“Written with an expansive grasp of the highlights of pornographic history and a mastery of narrative argument … a fascinating view of the changing popular culture surrounding American life.” —J. Edward Sumerau, Metro Spirit

“[Not] a finger-waving anti-porn diatribe … [the authors approach] the material with a particularly clearheaded sociological gaze.” —Jer Fairall, PopMatters

“I’m thrilled with this book. . . . Comprehensive and thought-provoking, this is a must-read if you want to understand porn and our culture.” —Al Goldstein, founder and former publisher of Screw magazine

“Whether it’s the sexualization of girls, a pimp lifestyle, or Abu Ghraib, there’s no dismissing the influence of pornography on our sensibilities, desires, and fantasies. . . . [A] brave, nuanced book that tells a story we don’t want to know but can’t, for the life of us, ignore.” —Lyn Mikel Brown, coauthor of Packaging Girlhood

  • Read an interview in Salon's Broadsheet blog with Carmine Sarracino

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The Porning of America

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