Beacon Press: The Poetics of Reverie
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The Poetics of Reverie

Childhood, Language, and the Cosmos

Author: Gaston Bachelard

In this, his last significant work, an admired French philosopher provides extraordinary meditations on the relations between the imagining consciousness and the world, positing the notion of reverie as its most dynamic point of reference. In his earlier book, The Poetics of Space, Bachelard considered several kinds of “praiseworthy space” conducive to the flow of poetic imagery. In Poetics of Reverie he considers the absolute origins of that imagery: language, sexuality, childhood, the Cartesian ego, and the universe. Approaching the psychology of wonder from the phenomenological viewpoint, Bachelard demonstrates the aurgentative potential of all that awareness. Thus he distinguishes what is merely a phenomenon of relaxation from the kind of reverie which “poetry puts on the right track, the track of expanding consciousness“
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The Poetics of Reverie

ISBN: 978-080706413-9
Publication Date: 6/1/1971
Pages: 224
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