Beacon Press: That Kind of Danger
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That Kind of Danger

Author: Donna Masini

Winner of the I993 Barnard New Women Poets Prize
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“The appeal of this fine collection is in its intense clarity of language, which, like the city that inspired many of its poems, is gritty, complex, and always in motion. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

“Donna Masini’s poems are on the wave-length of Whitman and Rukeyser but are inimitably her own: urban, sexual, working-class, passionate, marked by great moral intelligence and generosity.” —Adrienne Rich

“Brave and honest writing.” —Publishers Weekly

That Kind of Danger

ISBN: 978-080706823-6
Publication Date: 4/30/1994
Pages: 128
Size: x Inches (US)
Price:  $15.00
Format: Paperback
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