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Taught by America

A Story of Struggle and Hope in Compton

Author: Sarah Sentilles

An unforgettable book about one woman’s teaching experiences in an impoverished city in Southern California, and how the children she met there changed her forever

After graduating from Yale University, Sarah Sentilles joined Teach for America and was assigned to a rundown elementary school in Compton, California. Through moving portraits of inspiring children, Sentilles relates a heartbreaking journey, as she learns about a failing school system, the true meaning of poverty in America, and the strength children exhibit when they’re just struggling to survive. Beautifully written, charged with love and indignation, Taught by America is a powerful tribute to the young lives Sentilles witnessed.
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“This is a poignant, touching memoir from a natural-born teacher. The education of Sarah Sentilles is something we can all learn from.” -Geoffrey Canada, author of Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun and president of Harlem Children’s Zone, Inc.

“Sentilles gives a stirring description of working in one of our poorest school systems . . . [A] profoundly moving book.” -Library Journal(starred review)

“Hauntingly eloquent, this memoir raises chilling questions about race, social privilege, failing schools, and the loss of innocence. Sentilles’s reflections on her students, their families, and the education they (don’t) receive stays with you long after her story ends. This is a wakeup call that we as a nation cannot afford to ignore.” -Janie Victoria Ward, author of The Skin We’re In

“A stirring account of tragedy and transformation in American public education. Taught by America captures the way one relentless woman confronts her own privilege, suggests the impact Teach for America has on schools struggling with the effects of poverty, and finally, most poignantly, illustrates how Sentilles’s students reveal her own search for justice as a kind of faith.” -Michael Johnston, author of In the Deep Heart’s Core

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Taught by America

ISBN: 978-080703273-2
Publication Date: 8/1/2006
Pages: 216
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