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Sharing Her Word

Feminist Biblical Interpretation in Context

Author: Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza-who “stands among the most articulate and respected theologians who have challenged the silence and marginality . . . of Christian women” (The New York Times Book Review)-explores postmodernist biblical studies through feminist interpretation in Sharing Her Word. She reclaims the work of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century feminist biblical interpreters, reassessing their influence on current thought. Through analyses of biblical passages, she shows us how reimagining the Bible can contribute to the spiritual struggle for a more just world. Spirited and accessible, Sharing Her Word is essential reading for all who want to understand how the Bible shapes our lives.
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“As in all her works, her discussion is engaging, provocative and challenging.” —Publishers Weekly

But She Said sheds valuable light on the potential impact of feminist textual analysis within and beyond the field of biblical studies.” —Jacqueline Lapidus, The Women’s Review of Books

Bread Not Stone engages issues, explicit and implicit, that are sure to spark discussion, argument, and reflection among thoughtful Christians.”
-Elaine H. Pagels, The New York Times Book Review

Sharing Her Word

ISBN: 978-080701233-8
Publication Date: 8/1/1999
Pages: 240
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