Beacon Press: Rooted Against The Wind
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Rooted Against The Wind

Personal Essays

Author: Gloria Wade-Gayles

In these beautifully written essays, Gloria Wade-Gayles is at times painfully candid as she confronts such controversial subjects as rape, homophobia, interracial relationships, and even “looking and acting too young” for her age. Yet what emerges from each piece is a powerful connection to her community, which serves as her well-spring of strength, sheltering her faith.
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“The personal record of one woman’s unflinching quest for respite from racism and sexism; it is also a challenge to those of us who have sought to change what we abhor in ourselves.”
—Jordana Hart, Ms.

“Wade-Gayles’s intelligent reflections shine through. . . . Hers is a worthy addition to the canon of black women’s literature.”
—Amy Alexander, The Boston Globe

“Wade-Gayles has a gifted memory that enables her to share her powerful experiences that hold lessons for us all.”
Miami Herald

“[A] thoughtful and candid collection.”
—Evelyn C. White, San Francisco Chronicle

“[Rooted Against the Wind] adds significant volume to the dignity of Black literature and to the Black women’s resonant literary voice therein.”
—Sandra West, The Savannah Herald

“Wade-Gayles generously shares her spirituality and feminist perspective, which is both provocative and challenging. . . . This book will become another jewel from the Wade-Gayles chronicles.”
—Lillian Lewis, Booklist

Rooted Against The Wind

ISBN: 978-080700939-0
Publication Date: 10/31/1997
Pages: 208
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