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Resurrecting Grace

Remembering Catholic Childhoods

Author: Marilyn Sewell

Resurrecting Grace features such notable authors as Louise DeSalvo, Frank McCourt, Michael Patrick MacDonald, and Anna Quindlen offering personal recollections about growing up in the One True Church. From the humorous to the painful, the stories in this collection capture the essence of a Catholic upbringing. These authors take us back to their childhoods, reflecting on the gift of faith, the power of ritual, sin and salvation, and the concept of redeeming grace. Featuring a wide range of voices and experiences, this collection is for anyone who has been touched by this complex community of faith.
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“Both the lapsed and the faithful will appreciate the truth of these memoirs . . . but you don’t have to be Catholic, or even religious, to recognize the universal conflicts here.” —Booklist

“These essays demonstrate how the Catholic faith continues to be reflected in the lives of people whether they have stayed with the church or not.” —John Cronin, Boston Herald

“Sewell has thoughtfully included some treasures.” —Publishers Weekly

“An entertaining assortment of personal reminiscences.” —Forecast

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Resurrecting Grace

ISBN: 978-080701241-3
Publication Date: 8/16/2002
Pages: 328
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