Beacon Press: Religious Worlds
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Religious Worlds

The Comparative Study of Religion

Author: William E. Paden

From Gods, to ritual observance to the language of myth and the distinction between the sacred and the profane, Religious Worlds explores the structures common to all spiritual traditions.
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“One of the best thought out and written introductions to the study of religion I have seen thus far. It not only explains but invites discussion and comment.” —-Charles H. Long, University of California, Santa Barbara

“A good introduction to the phenomenology of religion. Stressing that religions are not just systems of belief, but forms of behavior...Paden focuses on four key complementary categories: myth, ritual, gods and systems of purity.”

“[Religious Worlds] provides clear bases of comparison from all of the world religions.”
—American Anthropologist

“A richly textured study of religion . . . . erudite and written in a very lucid prose style.”
—Philosophy East & West

“A useful overview of contemporary trends in the study of the faiths of today’s world.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A work of thoughtful breadth.”
—Religious Studies Review

Religious Worlds

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Publication Date: 8/1/1994
Pages: 208
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