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Out Law

What LGBT Youth Should Know about Their Legal Rights

Author: Lisa Keen   Series editor: Michael Bronski

Part of the Queer Action series, edited by Michael Bronski

The first—and only—guide for LGBT youth about the law and how it affects them

The enormous advances of the civil rights movement have made it easier for LGBT youth to be “out,” yet their increased visibility has led to myriad legal issues involving such critical matters as freedom of expression, sexual harassment, self-chosen medical care, and even their right to privacy within their own families.

In this accessible guide, Lisa Keen illustrates how some laws limit the rights of LGBT youth and others protect them. Out Law lays out the basics about federal, state, and local laws that frequently impact LGBT youth and explains how legal authority and responsibility is often vested in local officials, such as school principals.

Keen explains how laws treating LGBT people differently came to exist, evolved over time, and are subject to significant changes even today. Out Law discusses the shifting legal terrain for such issues as when schools can censor messages on T-shirts or library computer research into LGBT-related Web sites. It gives youth tips on how to document efforts to curb their rights and where to turn for help in protecting those rights.
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“Keen’s book is must reading for all gay youth and those who care about them.”
—Kevin M. Cathcart, executive director, Lambda Legal

“Keen’s book is brilliant in its concise and well-researched treatment of complex legal issues for LGBT people. Engaging and accessible, it offers a unique and smart focus on the rights of young gay people in each facet of their lives.”
—Urvashi Vaid, author of Virtual Equality and Executive Director of the Arcus Foundation

“Jam-packed with information—history, obstacles, and remedies—Out Law is a terrific legal guide for LGBT kids looking to achieve equal rights.”
—Nancy Garden, recipient of lifetime achievement award by the American Library Association and author of Annie on My Mind

Between the Lines (Michigan) praises Beacon Press for launching the Queer Action Series:

“Interestingly, Beacon is launching the series at the same time many mass market publishing houses are moving away from LBGT genre books. The national InsightOut Book club has been cancelled and recent shuffling in the industry has left many editors of LBGT genre books looking for work.”

“‘Beacon actually has, as a part of their mission, to work on social justice issues. So this very much fits into what Beacon is mandated to do. They have prioritized this,’ Bronski said.


Review: Voice of Youth Advocates - August 1, 2007
“Keen addresses youth of high school and college age with respect for their intelligence and experiences, and provides suggestions for appropriate use of channels likely to be available to those who are somewhat, although not yet completely, independent as they emerge as young adults.”
Review: Edge Boston - June 19, 2007
“From a legal perspective, she hits the nail dead on its head in providing very accurate legal advice while making sure to point out the obvious loopholes . . . If you’re looking for a solid resource on the law for LGBT youth, consider checking out Out Law. This may be a new survival guide. Knowledge is half the battle, and Out Law certainly presents ways to be able to utilize the law to fight bullying and discrimination.”Read Full Review
Review: Between the Lines (and online at - June 15, 2007
“Lisa Keen has created an important, vibrant book that will serve as both a guide for LBGT youth looking to make sure they know their legal rights, and as an historical document for future generations to mark the community's growth.”
Review: Booklist - May 1, 2007
“Established journalist Keen has written an indispensable introduction to the legal rights of LGBT youth. Though she’s not trained in the law, Keen has clearly done her research, and the result is a systematic and comprehensive survey that belongs in every library.”
Review: Publisher’s Weekly - April 23, 2007
“Keen delivers a sharp and coherent analysis of legal issues affecting LGBT kids today . . . Geared to LGBT teenagers, this important, eye-opening book is also an essential read for any parent with a gay child.”

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Out Law

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