Beacon Press: On Trial
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On Trial

America's Courts and Their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children

Authors: Billie Wright Dziech, Charles B. Schudson

This book, the first to examine the experience of child victims and their families who attempt to seek justice in America’s courts, offers practical reforms that would bring greater sensitivity and justice to the legal process. Reviewing American legal history and the equivocal treatment of children and sex crimes, Dziech & Schudson explain how current courtroom procedures often fail to acknowledge a child’s abilities and needs, and how child witnesses are often re-victimized by the legal system that is supposed to help them. They argue that there is no justification for subjecting abused children to a second round of trauma—in court. This important book recommends sweeping changes to assure justice for children, their families, and those accused of harming them.
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On Trial

ISBN: 978-080700415-9
Publication Date: 5/31/1991
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Format: Paperback
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