Beacon Press: Off the Reservation
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Off the Reservation

Relfections on Boundary-Busting Border-Crossing Loose Cannons

Author: Paula Gunn Allen

In this captivating collection of unpublished and published essays, one of our most important scholars, Paula Gunn Allen, explores the symbiotic relationship between Native American culture and the larger Western world. Through her own history and that of other Native peoples, she searches for a connection that will link the eco-spiritual and implicitly multicultural heritage to the demands of an increasingly global and culturally unilateral community.
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“Gunn Allen submerges deep in the waters of history and returns bearing words and legends of the past.” —Gabrielle Shaw, Foreword

“Allen is a pathfinder. . . . As significant as any who have come before.” —Quannah Karvar, The Los Angeles Times Book Review

“She expands the academic discussion with personal accounts of her life experiences as a mixed-blood Laguna Indian/Lebanese American. . . . Creative, imaginative, yet well-argued.” —P. Jane Hafen, MultiCultural Review

“Intelligent critique from a renegade spirit who can inspire us all to see what the global prospects are ‘off the reservation.’“
—Philip Herbst, Booklist

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Off the Reservation

ISBN: 978-080704641-8
Publication Date: 10/5/1999
Pages: 272
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