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Love the Sin

Sexual Regulation and the Limits of Religious Tolerance

Authors: Janet R. Jakobsen, Ann Pellegrini

In this powerful and timely book, Janet R. Jakobsen and Ann Pellegrini make a solid case for loving the sinner and the sin. Rejecting both religious conservatives’ arguments for sexual regulation and liberal views that advocate tolerance, the authors argue for and realistically envision true sexual and religious freedom in this country. With a new preface addressing recent events, Love the Sin provides activists and others with a strong tool to use in their fight for freedom.
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“Surprising . . . startling . . . a fresh way to argue for gay rights and sexual freedom.” -Michael Bronski, Boston Phoenix

“[Love the Sin’s] arguments are advanced with wit and flair. The book pushes us to consider the possibility that our own fundamental assumptions about freedom, morality, Christianity and sexuality might be just plain mistaken.” -David Harrington Watt, Christian Century

“[A] tightly packed analysis of the fallacy of sexual tolerance in American society . . . Like any trumpet call to pull down the walls, this book serves its purpose by giving the GLBT community a new focus and even a renewed idealism.” -Gayle R. Baldwin, Gay & Lesbian Review

Love the Sin presents an alternative vision for thinking about politics and religion. It is a unique work, in that it is a critique of the paradigm that is so inbred in us, and a challenge to create a new paradigm that holds nothing but possibilities for a truly inclusive America.” -Mary Louise R. Cervone, Conscience Magazine

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Love the Sin

ISBN: 978-080704133-8
Publication Date: 4/15/2004
Pages: 192
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