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Invisible No More

Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color

Author: Andrea J. Ritchie   Foreword by: Angela Y. Davis

An eye-opening account of how Black women, Indigenous women, and other women of color are uniquely affected by racial profiling and police brutality.

Amid growing awareness of police violence, individual Black men—including Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and Freddie Gray—have been the focus of most media-driven narratives.

Yet Black women, Indigenous women, and other women of color also face daily police violence. Invisible No More places the individual stories of women and girls such as Sandra Bland, Dajerria Becton, Mya Hall, and Rekia Boyd into broader contexts, centering women of color within conversations around the twin epidemics of police violence and mass incarceration.

Invisible No More also documents the evolution of a movement for justice for women of color targeted by police that has been building for decades, largely in the shadows of mainstream campaigns for racial justice and police accountability.

Informed by twenty years of research and advocacy by Black lesbian immigrant and police-misconduct attorney Andrea Ritchie, this groundbreaking work demands a sea change in how police violence is understood by mainstream media, policymakers, academics, and the general public, as well as a radical rethinking of our visions of safety—and the means we devote to achieving it.
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“This long-awaited book from Andrea Ritchie, the leading expert on police violence against women of color, is well worth the wait. This book is quite simply stunning. Ritchie’s analysis deeply challenges both antipolicing and antiviolence movements to expand the scope of their work to address how policing operates through gender, race, disability, and colonialism. Offering a rich genealogy of police violence, Ritchie demonstrates that both historically and today, gender violence is central to policing. Her attention to the myriad ways policing impacts Black women and women of color is brilliant. A crucial and paradigm-shifting book.”
—Andrea Smith, author of Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide

“Andrea Ritchie’s work is a vital contribution to our understanding of policing and criminalization, exposing how women, trans, and gender-nonconforming people are targeted. Ritchie’s intersectional analysis exposes how policing operates off racialized-gendered structures that target people with disabilities, Black mothers, indigenous women, and others made hypervisible and/or invisible by white gender norms. The tool we need in this exact moment, as grassroots resistance to police violence grows alongside an increasing emboldenment of racist law enforcement.”
—Dean Spade, author of Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law

Invisible No More deserves a standing ovation. It’s a passionate, incisive critique of the many ways in which women and girls of color are systematically erased or marginalized in discussions of police violence. The stories told here will haunt, inspire, and challenge you to reimagine justice by moving the experience of Black women and girls from the margins to the center.”
—Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

“With Invisible No More, Andrea Ritchie has produced a work of great scope and depth, tightly documented and deeply moving. Ritchie spans multiple centuries, nations, issues, and identity lenses to lay bare the effects of violent policing on women of color. She authentically and skillfully centers Black women while seeding the ground for alliances among women of color, and she gives us a thorough consideration of the experiences of women with disabilities. Most importantly, she introduces us to a generation of fighters we can follow, support, and lift up.”
—Rinku Sen, executive director, Race Forward

Invisible No More

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