Beacon Press: Inessential Woman
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Inessential Woman

Author: Elizabeth V. Spelman

Throughout history, Western philosophers have buried women’s characters under the category of “men’s nature.” Feminist theorists, responding to this exclusion, have often been guilty of this exlcusion as well focusing only on white, middle-class women and treating others as inessential. Inessential Woman is an eloquent argument against white, middle-class bias in feminist theory. It warns against trying to seperate feminist thinking and politics from issues of race and class, and challenges the assumption of homogeneity that underlies much of feminist thought.
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“Spelman uses her considerable erudition and analytical abilities to bring white, middle-class feminist theorists and their profoundest critics closer together.” —The Women’s Review of Books

“An energetically thought-provoking contribution to current developments in feminist theory.” —The New York Times Book Review

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Inessential Woman

ISBN: 978-080706745-1
Publication Date: 3/31/1990
Pages: 240
Size:6 x 9 Inches (US)
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