Beacon Press: Here Lies My Heart
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Here Lies My Heart

Essays on Why We Marry, Why We Don't, and What We Find There

Foreword by: Amy Bloom

In these intensely personal essays, contemporary writers probe their experiences in and thoughts about one of our most enduring social and cultural institutions. Husbands and wives celebrate marriages that work, mourn those that don’t, and write frankly about adultery. Includes essays by Mark Doty, Gerald Early, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cynthia Heimel, Vivian Gornick, Phillip Lopate, Nancy Mairs, and David Mamet.
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“This book is for the once, never, and much married. For believers and skeptics, love’s fools and love’s thieves. It is for people with long memories and long histories and for people who reinvent themselves in every new town, new decade, new relationship. This book is for everyone whose heart lies where it should, where it shouldn’t, and, in the end, where it must.” -Amy Bloom, from the Foreword

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Here Lies My Heart

ISBN: 978-080706217-3
Publication Date: 4/1/1999
Pages: 224
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