Beacon Press: Her Face In The Mirror
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Her Face In The Mirror

Jewish Women on Mothers and Daughters

Editor: Faye Moskowitz

A beautiful exploration of the difficult and affirming relationship between mothers and their daughters in the lives of Jewish women.
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“A rich collection”
Publishers Weekly

“Amazing. . . Her Face in the Mirror talks to us with the combined voices of many wise daughters and mothers who are trying to make sense of the mystery of their exquisite bond.” —Belles Lettres

“This collection was a gift to me, and will be for others, in understanding ourselves and those we love.” —Dr. Elaine Reuben, president of the Jewish Study Center in Moment

“Fearlessly, Faye Moskowitz has drawn together fifty-six Jewish mothers and daughters in an eloquent mosaic of memoirs by eminent contemporary American authors. Just whom each contributor sees in the mirror is pictured with a painful honesty.” —The Columbus Dispatch

‘You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate Faye Moskowitz’s work. All you need is a mind, a heart, a mother, and a need for warmth and tradition.’
—Susan Stamberg, National Public Radio

Her Face In The Mirror

ISBN: 978-080703615-0
Publication Date: 9/30/1995
Pages: 336
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