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Drifting Toward Love

Black, Brown, Gay, and Coming of Age on the Streets of New York

Author: Kai Wright

A fascinating account of gay youth of color and their precarious urban lives

In Drifting Toward Love, journalist Kai Wright introduces us to Manny, Julius, Carlos, and their friends, young gay men of color desperately searching for life’s basic necessities. With these vivid, intimate portraits, Wright reveals both their heroism and their mistakes, placing their stories into a larger social context.
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Drifting Toward Love is social commentary at its very best. . . . As compelling a page-turner as the tensest thriller and as emotionally rich as the sweetest love story. Kai Wright lets the bravery, resilience, and creativity of these teenagers shine through every page. The hardships they face will make you angry; their heroism will inspire you.” —John D’Emilio, author of Lost Prophet

“These are gracefully written, sympathetic profiles . . . Additionally, Wright’s brief historical background-of East New York, Puerto Rico, Greenwich Village and the house ball scene, as well as of theories of homosexuality and reference to diverse statistical studies-reveals that he has done his homework.” —Publishers Weekly

“Blessed with the ability to connect emotional stories with factual information, Kai Wright creates an artistic and humanizing portrayal of self-realization that draws the reader into an often unseen and underexposed community.” —Keith Boykin, author of Beyond the Down Low

“An intimate, at times heart-wrenching look at three young gay men of color who struggle to find a place-a bed to sleep in as well as a scene that allows them to be themselves without fear.” —Beth Greenfield, Time Out New York

“The respect Wright feels for his subjects shines through. An important book about an often-marginalized group.” —Kirkus Reviews


Review: The Gay & Lesbian Review - August 1, 2008
"Wright explores these difficult and troubling stories with intelligence and compassion, offering poignant insight in an often overlooked population."
  • Read an interview with Kai Wright in TimeOut New York
  • Listen to Kai Wright discuss Drifting Toward Love with NPR's Farai Chideya

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Drifting Toward Love

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