Beacon Press: Dreaming Beyond Death
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Dreaming Beyond Death

A Guide to Pre-Death Dreams and Visions

Authors: Dr. Kelly Bulkeley, Rev. Patricia Bulkley

A practical approach for understanding pre-death dreams from an expert caregiver and a respected religious scholar

Drawing from a rich understanding of dreaming in culture, history, psychology, and modern dream study, Kelly Bulkeley and Patricia Bulkley’s Dreaming Beyond Death explicitly addresses three common aspects of pre-death dreams and offers interpretations that will aid both dying persons and their caregivers. Rev. Patricia Bulkley’s experience with the transformative possibilities of pre-death dreams as a hospice counselor lend this book a deeply personal and human touch, while Kelly Bulkeley’s insightful analysis and intellectual framework provide an understanding of the deeper meanings behind this type of dreaming. A final chapter provides resources and concrete methods for caregivers to respectfully guide a dying person through the dreaming process to a sense of peace.
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“A slender but powerful new book . . . the authors inject level-headed analysis into an arena often dominated by seekers of the paranormal.” -Anne Underwood, Newsweek

“While the book avoids adopting a particular religious perspective and sidesteps questions about the existence of life after death or the predictive power of dreams, it is infused with the sense that dreams-and human lives-are intrinsically meaningful.” -Library Journal

“A groundbreaking book . . . from the dying dream of Socrates to the last vision of Carl Jung, it integrates a kaleidoscope of knowledge on the role of dreams in world history, theology, and myth.” -Sarah Berkley, Sonoma Index-Tribune

Dreaming Beyond Death

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Publication Date: 7/1/2006
Pages: 160
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