Beacon Press: Dancing after the Whirlwind
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Dancing after the Whirlwind

Feminist Reflections on Sex, Denial, and Spiritual Healing

Author: L. J. Tessier

Dancing after the Whirlwind explores how the denial of a sexual self affects a woman’s spiritual identity and her understanding of her place in the world. L. J. Tessier traces the deep roots of this denial and separation of sexuality and spirituality in both Western and Eastern religions. She examines the experiences of three groups of women whose sexual desires, memories, and experiences are routinely denied by society: lesbians, survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and HIV-positive women. Drawing on their powerful examples, Tessier offers us strategies for reclaiming the whirlwind of erotic power and seeing it for what it is-the sacred force through which we most deeply touch one another as human beings.
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“In this lucid, transformative, liberating, and beautifully written theology of sexuality, Tess Tessier provides us with a vision of our sexual lives that will lead us to greater courage, honesty, healing, and wholemaking loving.”
-Rita Nakashima Brock, director, The Bunting Institute, Radcliffe College

“Undulating with sex and spirit, Tessier’s text releases the suffering, repressed and ultimately healing energies of women’s most disqualified eros. . . . An original, accessible and indispensable discourse of the wild.” -Catherine Keller, author of From a Broken Web and Apocalypse Now and Then

“In this intriguing volume, Tessier brings both her academic background in philosophy and religion as well as her poet’s soul to bear on important issues of sexuality and spirituality.” -Publishers Weekly

Dancing after the Whirlwind

ISBN: 978-080706511-2
Publication Date: 11/1/1998
Pages: 272
Size:6 x 9 Inches (US)
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Format: Paperback
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