Beacon Press: Culture and Truth (Revised)
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Culture and Truth (Revised)

The Remaking of Social Analysis

Author: Renato Rosaldo

Exposing the inadequacies of old conceptions of static cultures and detached observers, the book argues instead for social science to acknowledge and celebrate diversity, narrative, emotion, and subjectivity.
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“Rosaldo ... is an advocate for the new stance in social analysis, and while it represents one side in a deep intellectual debate, it is neither academic nor musty in tone. If you want to know that many social scientists are up to these days, Culture and Truth is an excellent place to find out.” —Los Angeles Times

“Written with power and grace [Culture and Truth] is essential reading for thsoe interested in the study of culture.” —San Francisco Chronicle

Culture and Truth (Revised)

ISBN: 978-080704623-4
Publication Date: 8/1/1993
Pages: 288
Size: x Inches (US)
Price:  $24.00
Format: Paperback
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