Beacon Press: Angels Town
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Angels Town

Chero Ways, Gang Life, and the Rhetorics of Everyday

Author: Ralph Cintron

As issues of power and social order loom large in Angelstown, Ralph Cintron shows how eruptions on the margins of the community are emblematic of a deeper disorder. In their language and images, the members of a Latino community in a midsized American city create self-respect under conditions of disrepect. Cintron’s innovative ethnography offers a beautiful portrait of a struggling Mexican-American community and shows how people (including ethnographers) make sense of their lives through cultural forms.
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“A special book that is just as much about inequality in the contemporary U.S. as it is about the way to research it. Cintron succeeds in doing what many well-intentioned policies do not. And he does it by looking and listening with great care, rather than assuming, condemning, or condoning.” -Virginia Dominguez, author of White by Definition

“I am stunned, amazed, almost breathless at how good Angels’ Town is. . . . Landmark, critical ethnography and rhetorical analysis.” -David Jolliffe, DePaul University

“A remarkable piece of ethnographic work. . . . With the publication of this book, Cintron will take a well-deserved place in the company of the leading ethnographers both in Mexican-American studies and in the study of cultural poetics in general.” -Jos‚àöv† Lim‚àövµn, author of Dancing with the Devil

“After years of debates about whether ethnographers can write about the lives of their subjects without colonizing them, Cintron, a master rhetorician, shows us that cultural anthropology is still possible-but we must come to it with a commitment to learning how to read the deep stories of resentment, longing, and loss that are embedded in the world of the everyday. . . . A stunning and important work that sets high standards for the new anthropology of Latino communities in the United States.” -Ruth Behar, author of The Vulnerable Observer

Angels Town

ISBN: 978-080704637-1
Publication Date: 11/1/1998
Pages: 288
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