Beacon Press: A Fire In The Bones
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A Fire In The Bones

Reflections on African-American Religious History

Author: Albert J. Raboteau

In this fascinating collection of essays, Albert Raboteau reexamines the rich history of the African-American religious experience. Through his exploration of traditions that include the Baptist revivals, the AME Church, Black Catholics and African Orisa religions, Raboteau demonstrates how the active faith of African-Americans shaped their institutions and empowered their struggle for social justice throughout their history.
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“A Fire in the Bones is more than a history of black Christians: it is the compelling story of the ways in which black folk have turned to Christianity to describe their history and plight in America and to project their vision of redemption to the greater nation . . . A must read.” —Craig Steven Wilder, New York Newsday

“A major contribution . . . Beautifully narrated.” —Rembert Weakland, The New York Times Book Review

A Fire In The Bones

ISBN: 978-080700933-8
Publication Date: 12/19/1996
Pages: 240
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Format: Paperback
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