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Partners Not Rivals

Privatization and the Public Good

Author: Martha Minow

What happens when private companies, nonprofit agencies, and religious groups manage what government used to-in education, criminal justice, legal services, and welfare programs? In this important book, renowned legal scholar Martha Minow takes on this astonishingly unexamined change in our public life and shows how to guard against the dangers of privatization to preserve our basic freedoms.
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“Martha Minow is one of our nation’s wisest and most engaging public philosophers. . . . She cuts through an encrusted debate over privatization with a lucidity and freshness we badly need.”
-E. J. Dionne Jr., syndicated columnist and author of Why Americans Hate Politics

“Minow makes us aware of changes in our understanding of freedom and democracy and our commitment to provide for basic human needs. This book allows for greater understanding of the overarching philosophical issues that encompass these changes in public policy.” —Erin Morris Miller, American School Board Journal

“Minow raises many provocative issues. . . . She writes with concern and conviction. Minow’s argument for public-private partnership rather than rivalry is a compelling one.” —Michael Bisesi,America: The Catholic Weekly Magazine

Partners Not Rivals

ISBN: 978-080704331-8
Publication Date: 8/1/2003
Pages: 240
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