Beacon Press: A Land
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A Land

Author: Jaquetta Hawkes

A pioneering work of modern nature writing; a natural history of the author’s beloved British Isles that inhabits a lush territory somewhere between science and poetry.
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“Under the guise of a geological and archaeological history of Great Britain, this book is an extraordinary and brilliantly written meditation on consciousness, evolution, and art.”
—Robert Finch, coeditor of The Norton Book of Nature Writing

“Jacquetta Hawkes’s A Land is magnificent, a masterpiece of prose. Why do so few write so well anymore? The grace in this writing, and in her observations, virtually comprise a poem.”
—Alexander Theroux

A Land

ISBN: 978-080708511-0
Publication Date: 4/30/1991
Size: x
Price:  $17.00
Format: Paperback
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