Beacon Press: Trans Liberation
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Trans Liberation

Beyond Pink or Blue

Author: Leslie Feinberg

Those who have heard Leslie Feinberg speak in person know how powerful and inspiring s/he can be. In Trans Liberation, Feinberg has gathered a collection of hir speeches on trans liberation and its essential connection to the liberation of all people. This wonderfully immediate, impassioned, and stirring book is for anyone who cares about civil rights and creating a just and equitable society.
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“Sometimes an author gives us a work so valuable, it becomes a debt we can repay only with our life’s work. Feinberg’s new book may be just that kind.” -Athena Douris, Girlfriends

“Part poet, part cartographer, and part grassroots organizer, Feinberg escorts us lovingly through the transgender nation. . . . Trans Liberation brings together a diversity of agendas, giving a fresh, urgent twist to everything from the politics of national health-care reform to debates about infant genital mutilation and queer history.” -Rachel Mattson, Village Voice Literary Supplement

“Feinberg is utterly rousing.” -David Bahr, The Advocate

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Trans Liberation

ISBN: 978-080707951-5
Publication Date: 10/10/1999
Pages: 160
Size: x Inches (US)
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Format: Paperback
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