Beacon Press: The Future of the Wild
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The Future of the Wild

Radical Conservation for a Crowded World

Author: Jonathan S. Adams

A powerful argument for using conservation biology and grassroots organizing to build wilderness on a large scale

With appropriate urgency and a thorough understanding of history and the issues, Jonathan Adams offers a sound conservation strategy in The Future of the Wild, using the latest in conservation science as well as the desires of local communities to protect the places where people live and work. With modern examples, Adams shows how each small success moves conservationists closer to creating protected landscapes large enough to support animals like bison and wolves. Only with freedom to roam through and between these huge lands, using wilderness corridors, can such large animals flourish.
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“Going beyond the ‘conserve it and they will come’ mindset, Adams presents an optimistic approach to conservation . . . Visionary, optimistic, doable, and essential, Adam’s approach is a pioneering ‘guidebook to nature.’“
-Library Journal, starred review

“Fertile with fresh thinking, this book is an uncommonly eloquent call for urgent but thoughtful action.” -Publishers Weekly

“Adams profiles ecologists and activists, as well as grassroots and national conservation organizations, in a seamless flow of readable prose to make his point that sustainable human activity and sustainable populations of wildlife must not be mutually exclusive.” -Ted Levin, OnEarth

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The Future of the Wild

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