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Choosing Naia

A Family's Journey

Author: Mitchell Zuckoff

A dramatic and carefully detailed account of one family’s journey through the maze of genetic counseling, medical technology, and disability rights; destined to become required reading for anyone touched by any of these issues.
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Choosing Naia . . . is a refreshing tale in an age in which medical technology encourages us to strive for perfection in ourselves and in our children. It is, of course, a loss to learn that your child won’t be perfectly healthy. But, as Choosing Naia makes clear, few of us understand how much we may gain.” —Maggie Jones, New York Times Book Review

Choosing Naia skillfully recounts how the Fairchilds’ initial shock and fear for the future of their unborn child gradually morphed into a determination to have the child and help her thrive after birth.” —Hartford Courant

“The story of the Fairchilds’ emotional and spiritual struggles is gripping-and relevant to everyone who’s ever cared for a child. Choosing Naia is a powerful and important book.” —Michael Bérubé, author of Life As We Know It: A Father, a Family, and an Exceptional Child

Choosing Naia is an accurate and courageous book, a chronicle with a joyous outcome. For all readers it will enhance understanding of family building and of human values. I recommend it earnestly.” —Dr. Allen Crocker, director, Down Syndrome Program, Children’s Hospital, Boston

“This mesmerizing and insightful book reveals the power of hope and hard work, and reminds us to see the world not only as it is, but how it could be.” —Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder, Special Olympics

Choosing Naia

ISBN: 978-080702817-9
Publication Date: 9/2/2003
Pages: 312
Size:6 x 9 Inches (US)
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Format: Paperback
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