Beacon Press: Gun Violence Resources
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Resources for the Movement to End Gun Violence

In light of the recent devastating mass shootings in Buffalo, NY, and Uvalde, TX, Beacon Press offers the following resources on ending the nightmare of gun violence in the United States. 3 of our books are available for free download as eBooks through June 2022.

Beacon Press is a mission-driven publisher that seeks to promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations through the books it produces. As the debate surrounding gun control intensifies, Beacon finds it more important than ever before to highlight these titles that speak truth to those with the power to influence gun legislation for the safety of all communities.

EBooks Available for Free Download

Educate Yourself

Get Involved with These Organizations and Donate

  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, whose mission is to create a safer America by cutting gun deaths in half by 2025
  • Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America, founded to demand action from legislators, state and federal; companies; and educational institutions to establish common-sense gun reforms
  • Peace Center of Connecticut, Inc., whose mission envisions a Connecticut where differences are respected, conflicts are resolved peacefully and violence is not tolerated
  • Sandy Hook Promise, a national nonprofit that aims to protect children and prevent the tragic loss of life due to gun violence
  • Teachers Unify to End Gun Violence, a grassroots movement of educators across America whose mission is to elevate stories of gun violence in schools and communities in order to influence policies and Americans at large to make us safer