Beacon Press: Quintessence...Realizing the Archaic Future
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Quintessence...Realizing the Archaic Future

Author: Mary Daly

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“. . . brave and perceptive naming of what we’re all facing on this planet, here at the end of the millennium.” -Lise Weil, Women’s Review of Books

“This is Mary Daly’s masterpiece. In Western tradition, her only near-equal is the poet William Blake. Daly is a philosopher/artist of great strength and grace.” -Andrea Dworkin

“This explosion by the principal progenitor of radical feminism is sure to infuriate those she has already enraged and endear her more deeply to those who will hear within her frantic, fierce-and often funny-manifesto a terrible and timely word. In this highly charged text, she looks back and forward at the same time and issues an urgent summons: ‘Biophiliacs unite!’ No one who worries about the present direction of genetics and cloning can afford to miss this important book.” -Harvey Cox, author of Fire from Heaven

“Suffused by her inimitable word play and stunning intelligence, . . . Daly’s clarion call to uncover the quintessence of the universe is quite an intriguing tune.” -Elizabeth Millard, On the Issues

“[Quintessence] . . . examines the tremendous abuses women face at the end of the twentieth century, yet offers a “Far-Out Vision and Hope for Wanderlusting Women.” -deJoly, Womyn’s Words

“When Daly is angry, she is never simply angry. She leads beyond the anger to the joy.” -Carol Anne Douglas, Off Our Backs

Quintessence...Realizing the Archaic Future

ISBN: 978-080706791-8
Publication Date: 10/5/1999
Pages: 304
Size:6 x 9 Inches (US)
Price:  $18.00
Format: Paperback
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