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Family Bonds

Adoption, Infertility, and the New World of Child Production

Author: Elizabeth Bartholet

In this powerful book, Elizabeth Bartholet attempts to make sense of the worlds of adoption and fertility treatment by combining a moving personal narrative with compelling policy analysis. Family Bonds is conveniently available at a time when more children than ever are waiting to be adopted and when infertility treatment is becoming an increasingly popular, sophisticated, and expensive technology.
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“A jewel. . . . Recommended to anyone contemplating or involved with adoption and to any citizen concerned about the welfare of children in our society.” —Carolyn Moore Newberger, The Boston Globe

“Brilliant. . . . An intelligent and passionate exploration of the legal, racial, and psychological issues.” —Daniel Goldstine, The New York Times Book Review

“Bartholet’s book is a call for change of heart and social policy that reads like a thriller. Put it on your list if you care about children, or civil rights, or the future of the family.” —Harriet Reisen, WBUR Radio, Boston

“A riveting look at life through the lenses of adoption and infertility. It is difficult to imagine a reader who could put this book down before experiencing an inalterable change in thinking about the meaning of family.” —Richard Barth, professor of social welfare, University of California at Berkeley

“This very readable book is . . . highly recommended to all who care about children and families. It will open their eyes to the many brands of hypocrisy the infertile face.” —Judith Randal, The Washington Post

Family Bonds is at once powerful testimony to the robust ties adoptive families form and an urgent plea for the rights and needs of children everywhere.” —Diane Cole, New York Newsday</i

Family Bonds

ISBN: 978-080702803-2
Publication Date: 10/5/1999
Pages: 304
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Format: Paperback
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