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Beacon Press: Tracks for The Sounds of Slavery

Tracks for The Sounds of Slavery

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1   "Arwhoolie" holler Thomas J. Marshall
2   Levee holler Enoch Brown
3   Field holler Roosevelt "Giant" Hudson
4   "Oh If Your House Catches Fire" levee camp holler Willie Henry Washington
5   "Roxie" Convicts, Mississippi
6   "New Buryin' Ground" John Brown and African American convicts
7   "Long Hot Summer Day" Clyde Hill and African American convicts
8   "Go Preach My Gospel" Deacon Harvey Williams and the New Zion Baptist Church congregation
9   "Jesus, My God, I Know His Name" Willie Henry Washington, Arthur Bell, Robert Lee Robertson, and Abraham Powell
10   "Go to Sleep" Florida Hampton
11   "The Buzzard and the Cooter" Demus Green
12   "Prayer" Rev. Henry Ward
13   "Run, Old Jeremiah" Joe Washington Brown and Austin Coleman
14   "Job, Job" Mandy Tartt, Sims Tartt, and Betty Atmore
15   "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" Clifford Reed, Johnny Mae Medlock, and Julia Griffin
16   "Have Mercy, Lord" Mary Tollman and the Rev. Henry Ward
17   "The Unusual Task of the Gospel Preacher" Rev. Harry Singleton
18   "The Man of Calvary" Sin-Killer Griffin

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