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Family Pride - What LGBT Families Should Know about Navigating Home, School, and Safety in Their Neighborhoods
Family Pride: What LGBT Families Should Know about Navigating Home, School, and Safety in Their Neighborhoods
Author: Michael Shelton   Foreword by: Elizabeth Castellana, COLAGE
Product Code: 0197 ISBN: 978-080700197-4
Binding Information: Paperback 
5.5 X 8.5 Inches (US)
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View the flyer, "Tips for LGBT Families and Allies for Creating Safe, Welcoming Communities."
A Queer Action book, Michael Bronski, series editor

An invaluable portrait and roadmap on how to thrive as an LGBT family

Family Pride is the first book for queer parents, their families, and allies that emphasizes community safety. While the national focus remains on the mistreatment of LGBT people in schools, the reality is that LGBT families also face hostility in various settings-professional, recreational, and social. Drawing on his years as a dedicated community activist and on the experiences of LGBT parents, Michael Shelton offers concrete strategies that LGBT families can use to intervene in and resolve difficult community issues, teach their children resiliency skills, and find safe and respectful programs for them.

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In the Media

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Review   Publishers Weekly - September 24, 2012
"Community activist Shelton (Boy Crazy) brings intellectual rigor to this well-researched examination of the history, progress, and challenges of LGBT families in the U.S., a broader focus than the title implies."
Review   Library Journal - November 15, 2012
"An earnest, well-researched overview."

"A vital book that tells the stories of LGBT families in all their diversity, with special attention paid to those families living in rural, isolated communities. Government officials, leaders of institutions, and anyone who works with families will benefit from the crucial insights offered here. Most importantly, the book offers practical and indispensable suggestions for how to improve the lives of LGBT families." —Jennifer Chrisler, executive director, Family Equality Council

"An invaluable portrait and roadmap on how to thrive as an LGBT family, Family Prideis engaging, accessible, and packed with essential information for LGBT families and their allies." —Sue Hyde, author of Come Out and Win

"Supported by deft research, Shelton combats and dispels myths, leaving no stone unturned by effectively addressing the myriad hurdles LGBT families face overtly and covertly in their communities." —Joe Kort, founder, Center for Relationship and Sexual Health

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