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Dispatches from the Abortion Wars - The Costs of Fanaticism to Doctors, Patients, and the Rest of Us
Dispatches from the Abortion Wars: The Costs of Fanaticism to Doctors, Patients, and the Rest of Us
Author: Carole Joffe
Product Code: 3502 ISBN: 978-080703502-3
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Surprising firsthand accounts from the front lines of abortion provision reveal the persistent cultural, political, and economic hurdles to access
In an America where abortion has been legal for over thirty-five years, the procedure can be surprisingly inaccessible: even in cases of rape, imminent threat to the mother's life, or complicated miscarriage—and even with a willing doctor.

How did the post-Roe v. Wade world come to resemble pre-Roe so closely? While "abortion wars" may immediately bring to mind the very real threat of antiabortion violence, sociologist Carole Joffe shows how a pervasive stigma operates less dramatically but just as effectively to maintain cultural, political, and economic barriers to access.

After thirty years embedded in reproductive-health research, Joffe relays compelling testimony from doctors, health-care workers, and patients as they struggle against these barriers that shame women and marginalize physicians, even within the medical community. Real-life stories include those of poverty-stricken rape victims scrambling—and sometimes failing—to cover the cost of abortions that should be covered by Medicaid; a doctor having to beg her superior for permission to perform in-hospital a medical abortion too dangerous to handle at a clinic; and a woman whose miscarriage is causing septic shock refused care and bundled off to another hospital.

Along with these portraits, however, Dispatches from the Abortion Wars also offers hope for real change, pointing the way to a more compassionate standard of women's health care-one that responds to the needs of the individual and trusts women to make their own moral choices.

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Review   Booklist - January 1, 2010
"This scholarly yet clear and well-paced reportage from the front will stir as it encourages debate."
Review By: Michelle Goldberg,   The American Prospect - January 28, 2010
"In her new book Dispatches from the Abortion Wars , the sociologist Carole Joffe makes the human costs of Hyde agonizingly clear."
Review   Slate - February 1, 2010
“Abortion providers already have plenty of reason to worry about their safety, as sociologist Carole Joffe details in her instructive and memorable new book, Dispatches. They didn't need this boost for the vigilantes.”
Review   Sacramento News and Review - February 11, 2010
“Joffe’s book reveals the stigma associated with abortion, toward women and physicians—even in cases of rape or threat to a mother’s life. It’s a discussion that shouldn’t be avoided, even in a post-Roe v. Wade world.”
Review   Feminist Review - February 17, 2010
“…Dispatches from the Abortion Wars is often riveting. Joffe’s insights into popular culture, alongside her analysis of the recent barrage of ballot initiatives, are spot on in explaining the growth of negative attitudes about abortion.”

"In this brilliant and gripping report from inside the trenches of a high-stakes culture war, Carole Joffe takes us into the lives of the brave and committed doctors and activists who work against extraordinary odds-and sometimes give their lives-to preserve our precious right to choose. This is a must-read book for us all."
-Arlie Hochschild, author of The Commercialization of Intimate Life

"Carole Joffe has given us a rare and privileged look into the beleaguered world of abortion providers. I found their determination inspiring-and Joffe's level-headed perspective deeply clarifying."
-Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed

"For anyone wishing to understand the full complexity of 'the abortion wars' in our time-at every level, from national politics and culture to the personal struggles and triumphs of clinicians and patients-this lucidly written book is a must."
-Rosalind Petchesky, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

"A clear-eyed and sobering account of just how successful a small number of antiabortion extremists have been in denying abortion care to American women. Most enlightening and moving are Joffe's portraits of abortion providers and their patients whose stories allow the reader to see the cruelty and misogyny at the heart of the antiabortionists' attempts to impose 'one size fits all' rules."
-Suzanne T Poppema, MD, author of Why I Am an Abortion Doctor and chair, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health

"With an insider's eye and a searing intellect, Carole Joffe tells the true story of life on the front lines of abortion care."
-Maureen Paul MD, MPH, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

"No one knows more about reproductive rights in the United States than Carole Joffe. This indispensable book shows how, more than a quarter century after Roe v. Wade, abortion access is being eroded from many different directions. Its portrayal of the human toll of the abortion wars is both harrowing and galvanizing."
-Michelle Goldberg, author of The Means of Reproduction

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