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Cabin Fever - A Suburban Father's Search for the Wild
Cabin Fever: A Suburban Father's Search for the Wild
Author: Tom Montgomery Fate
Product Code: 0098 ISBN: 978-080700098-4
Binding Information: Paperback 
5.5 X 8.5 Inches (US)
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“If Tom Montgomery Fate has not found the secret formula for the deliberate, balanced life, he is a chief disciple of the search.”—Chicago Tribune

Try to imagine Thoreau married, with a job, three kids, and a minivan. This is the sensibility—serious yet irreverent—that suffuses Cabin Fever, as the author seeks to apply the hermit-philosopher’s insights to a busy modern life. Tom Montgomery Fate lives in a Chicago suburb, where he is a husband, father, professor, and active member of his community. He also lives in a cabin built with the help of friends in the Michigan woods, where he walks by the river, chops wood, and reads Thoreau by candlelight. Fate seeks a more attentive, deliberate way of seeing the world and our place in it, not only in the woods but also in the context of our relationships and society. In his search for “a more deliberate life” amid a high-tech, material world, Fate invites readers into an interrogation of their own lives, and into a new kind of vision: the possibility of enough in a culture of more.
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"This quietly marvelous book is really a mystery novel at heart. The mystery is How to live?"—David Gessner, author of Return of the Osprey

"Fate, in his deeply informed dialogue with Thoreau, never dodges the many realities of American middle-class existence that might lead to a life of quiet desperation. Still, Cabin Fever is finally not a book about avoiding desperation, but achieving balance."—Stuart Dybek, author of I Sailed with Magellan

"[F]rank, poignant, and funny . . . Fate's clarion musings on place, time, family, social responsibility, the wild, and the civilized are thoughtful and affecting in their revelations of how complex and precious life is."—Donna Seaman, Booklist, starred review

"If Tom Montgomery Fate has not found the secret formula for the deliberate, balanced life, he is a chief disciple of the search."—Chicago Tribune

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