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The Cathedral of the World - A Universalist Theology
The Cathedral of the World: A Universalist Theology
Author: Forrest Church
Product Code: 7323 ISBN: 978-080707323-0
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5 1/2 X 8 1/2 Inches (US)
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The culmination of the spiritual thought of a preeminent liberal theologian
In the spring of 2008, Forrest Church wrote what he believed would be his final work, Love & Death. But when an experimental cancer treatment gave him a temporary new lease on life, Church saw he had a chance to tie up the one loose end in his remarkable oeuvre: his vocation as a liberal theologian.

The Cathedral of the World offers the culmination of a lifetime of thought and lived theology from one who has been called the leading universalist philosopher of his generation. Here Church draws from the entire span of his life's work to hammer out a clear statement of his universalist theology, gathering his thoughts on religion, faith, and God in a single volume and definitively framing his theological teachings.

After opening with a liberal interpretation of the divine, Church compellingly argues that our country was founded on universalist principles, laying out a firm grounding for his theology. Providing a taste of universalism in action, Church's faith next becomes the inspiration and support for a lifetime of community activism and social justice. Bringing the arc to an end is a systematic unpacking of Church's theology-the universalist good news that beats near the heart of almost every faith tradition.

In a society in which religion has been hijacked by the religious right and ridiculed by the secular left, Forrest Church gives new voice to the power of liberal religion, openhearted and open-minded, humble and awestruck. In answer to the divisive global trend toward competing fundamentalisms and the dangerous spread of neighborly hate, Church invites all seekers to enter the Cathedral of the World, where there are many windows but only one light.

Review   Publishers Weekly - October 12, 2009
"An acclaimed minister's erudite and perhaps final treatise against theological parochialism . . . this book is an essential read for anyone interested in liberal religion."
Review   Booklist - November 15, 2009
“[Church] didn’t let the extended opportunity to grace us with more inspiring wisdom and blessing slip away. He reminds us in so many words how lucky he and we are to be in the hands of a lovingly liberal God. . . . [The Cathedral of the World] feels like a swinging wide open of the doors of a dusty house and a letting-in of sunshine and fresh air.”

"Certain of the love . . . that endures beyond our own lives, [Church] criticizes fundamentalisms of both the right and the left."
Christian Century

"Forrest Church is a perfect guide through the oceans of belief."
—Diane Ackerman

"How we depend on Forrest Church for guidance, instruction, and inspiration, and this book does not disappoint. He is at his best. He makes theology interesting, relevant, and even fun."
—Peter J. Gomes, author of The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus

"The Cathedral of the World sums up in a dramatic and powerful way the work of one of America's most gifted clergymen. Forrest Church has lived his theology as well as proclaimed it. Ours is a better world because he did."
—Bishop John Shelby Spong, author of Jesus for the Non-Religious

"Forrest Church is a towering public intellectual and the leading universalist philosopher of his generation. This last testament to his prophetic thought and witness is a gift of faith, hope, and love to us all!"
—Cornel West, author of Race Matters

"One can only be grateful that Forrest Church has chosen to revise and re-imagine the major themes of his writing and preaching career. I am nourished by his passion and his eloquence."
—Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

"Forrest Church, a leading pastor and American religious historian, is also the leading Unitarian Universalist theologian of our time. But he has never pulled together the pieces of his luminous universalist theology, until the gift of this book. The Cathedral of the World is a jewel of theological and grace-filled imagination."
—Gary Dorrien, author of The Making of American Liberal Theology

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