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Believer, Beware - First-person Dispatches from the Margins of Faith
Believer, Beware: First-person Dispatches from the Margins of Faith
Editors: Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau
Product Code: 7739 ISBN: 978-080707739-9
Binding Information: Paperback 
5 1/2 X 8 1/2 Inches (US)
Copyright Date Ed: 
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Price: $16.00 In stock.
An engaging collection of ambivalent confessions, skeptical testimonies, and personal revelations of religion lost and found and lost again

A Killing the Buddha Anthology

The second collection to spring from, Believer, Beware presents true tales of sex ed in Catholic school, witches in Kansas, sects and the city, Buddhists in the barbershop, Sufis under your nose, an adolescent Jewish messiah in Queens, and more.

In a world riven by absolute convictions, these ambivalent confessions, skeptical testimonies, and personal revelations speak to the subtler and stranger dilemmas of faith and doubt-of religion lost and found and lost again.

Review   Library Journal, starred review - May 1, 2009
"From Beacon comes a book that, if not a beacon, is certainly a message from the vanguard of popular spirituality. This extremely diverse set of essays is the second to come from Killing the Buddha, an online religion magazine 'for people made anxious by churches' and the ideal home for the 'spiritual but not religious' and all the other great unchurched believers in America. Here you'll find a Jewish adolescent who hopes she is the promised Messiah, an elven witch, a Zen A.A. memoir, and much more. Shocking, exhilarating, and never dull, these essays sometimes give off the self-conscious, twee air of modern memoirs à la Burroughs, but they are important voices. Highly recommended."
Review   Publishers Weekly - May 4, 2009
“The editors are among the smart, candid, and insightful authors whose personal narratives form the book's 35 brief chapters… Some are funny, others heartbreaking, and some are simply revelatory. Despite the variety, the collection is unified by the contributors' wrestling with received religious traditions and expectations for belief and practice, each articulating a particular moment of the author's life. The voices are refreshingly honest.”
Review   PopMatters - September 9, 2009
“Every story in this collection is fascinating, and every one is imminently quotable…More than anything else, the collection gives the sense of how complex and vital the concept of spirituality is to everyday life, right down to the question of belief or non-belief.”

"Praise for Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible

“Whip-smart . . . Not so much a rewriting of the Bible as a super-charged hip-hop makeover . . . A genuine stab at a saucy kind of spirituality that’s as bold as it is refreshing.” —New York Observer

“Quirky, far-ranging . . . a literary leap of faith.” —Elle

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