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In Schools We Trust - Creating Communities of Learning in an Era of Testing and Standardization
In Schools We Trust: Creating Communities of Learning in an Era of Testing and Standardization
Author: Deborah Meier
Product Code: 3151 ISBN: 978-080703151-3
Binding Information: Paperback 
5 1/2 X 8 1/2 Inches (US)
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Price: $17.00 In stock.
A visionary look at trust and schools that takes on some of today’s hottest education issues-from testing to small schools-all grounded in stories of the innovative and hugely successful public schools Deborah Meier has famously founded.

“A wise and beautiful book that elevates the level of debate on tests and school reform.”
-Jonathan Kozol, author of Savage Inequalities

“A rich, nuanced reflection on trust and schooling that examines trust’s many layers. . . . A terrific, important book.”
—Mike Rose, author of Possible Lives

“A passionate, jargon-free plea for a rerouting of educational reform, sure to energize committed parents, progressive educators and maybe even a politician or two.”
Publishers Weekly

“Listen carefully to Deborah Meier’s In Schools We Trust: She speaks to the heart of a school-and of democracy itself.”
—Theodore R. Sizer, author of Horace’s Compromise and founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools.

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