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Contributor Biography: Sarah LeVine
Sarah LeVine
Biography: Sarah LeVine was educated at Oxford and the University of Chicago and received her PhD. from Harvard University where she is an associate of the department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies. Her most recent book is Rebuilding Buddhism with David Gellner. She lives in the Boston area.
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Author: Sarah LeVine
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Sarah LeVine began doing research in Africa in 1969 as a young woman and sometime Anglican newly married to an anthropologist and provisionally, at least, to a rationalist view of religion. These deftly crafted accounts plunge us into the lives of some of the people LeVine became close to on four continents. As engrossing and surprising as any novel, The Saint of Kathmandu is a richly textured and unsentimental depiction of the role of religion in lives all over the world.

Author: Sarah LeVine
Binding Information: Paperback 
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The beauty and complexity of religious beliefs as they are lived out around the world, from a superb scholar and storyteller

"A major work, the beginning of ongoing discussions about the role and impact of religion in multiple societies around the world. It fascinates and prods and disturbs and enlightens . . . reads like a novel without losing a scintilla of academic credibility. My best advice: whatever you were going to read next, forget it. Read this book instead."
—Joan Chittister, author of Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir

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