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Beacon Press: The King Legacy Series

The King Legacy Series

Beacon Press is partnering with the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. in a new publishing program, "The King Legacy." Beacon will print new editions of previously published King titles and compile Dr. King's writings, sermons, orations, lectures, and prayers into entirely new editions, including significant new introductions by leading scholars. This partnership brings together the legacy of one of the most important civil rights and social justice leaders in the world with one of the oldest and most respected independent publishing houses in America.

"We feel enormously privileged to be the new publishers of Dr. King's work. His vision and his message are more essential than ever in a world where, despite great gains, the global aspects of the radical inequities Dr. King devoted his life to exposing and addressing are all too apparent. He has much to teach us, perhaps as much today as in his own lifetime." —Helene Atwan, director of Beacon Press

"We are very happy to join with Beacon Press to announce that the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. and Beacon Press will be entering into an historic partnership to publish the words and writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beacon Press will be a dedicated public outlet for his work, and will help bring his urgently needed teachings of nonviolence and human dignity, and his dream of freedom and equality to a new global audience." —Dexter Scott King, representing The Estate of Martin Luther King Jr., Inc

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929–1968), Nobel Peace Prize laureate and architect of the nonviolent civil rights movement, was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968.

Read the full press release.

Read an excerpt from Beacon director Helene Atwan's remarks at the announcement of the series.

To view a list of available titles from the King Legacy Series, please visit the official series Website,

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