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Beacon Press: Request free books to help families have conversations about death and grief

Request free books to help families have conversations about death and grief

UPDATE: December 19, 2012, 12 pm eastern

There has been an incredible response to our offer of free books to help people having conversations about death and grief in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, CT. We will be sending out over 1,200 copies each of Talking about Death: A Dialogue between Parent and Child and Living When a Loved One Has Died and need to end our offer at this time in order to ensure we get the orders to our warehouse for fulfillment before it closes for the holidays. We hope everyone who receives books will share them with others in their communities who have a need for these resources.

We'd like to give thanks to our distributor, Random House, who has generously offered to cover the expenses of shipping and handling. We'd also like to thank everyone at the Random House warehouse in Westminster, MD, who will be fulfilling all of these orders at such a busy time during the holiday season.

We're including additional resources below shared by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Trauma Response Resources for Families and Congregations

Recommended Titles

Crisis Planning/Preparation

Promote Congregational Safety

  • Protecting Your Church from Crime and Violence. Regular price: $17.95. Sale price: $14.95. Nine chapters. Particularly recommended: "A Shooter in the House—A Police Officer's Advice on How to Prevent and React to, a Gunman at Church." The entire document is 24 pages long.
  • Confronting Gun Violence at Church. Regular price: $17.95. Nine chapters. Particularly recommended: "Should Our Church Have an Armed Security Guard?" The entire document is 22 pages long.


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