Beacon Press: Women Who Would Be Rabbis
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Women Who Would Be Rabbis

A History of Women's Ordination 1889-1985

Author: Pamela S. Nadell

1998 National Jewish Book Award finalist

Pamela S. Nadell mines a wealth of untapped sources to bring us the first complete story of the courageous and committed Jewish women who passionately defended their right to equal religious participation through rabbinical ordination.
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"Lucid and engrossing. . . . with authoritative research and sometimes heart-breaking examples."
-Francine Klagsbrun, Lilith

"Nadell's work makes a significant story more familiar and contributes to the broader history of women's efforts to fully participate in religious leadership-struggles that continue in many religious traditions."

"The definitive study of 'the road to women's ordination' in Judaism."
-Jonathan D. Sarna, The American Jewish Experience

" . . . [A] telling that is both indispensable and gratifying. . . . Nadell's historical expertise is well matched by her narrative skills. Scholars and the general public owe her a collective gesture of gratitude."
-Norma Baumel Joseph, Concordia University

"Pamela Nadell has uncovered an important and little-known story essential to an understanding of the changing roles of Jewish women. A fine work of historical scholarship and a compelling read."
-Paula Hyman, Gender and Assimilation in Modern Jewish History

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Women Who Would Be Rabbis

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