Beacon Press: When the Rivers Run Dry
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When the Rivers Run Dry

Water--The Defining Crisis of the Twenty-first Century

Author: Fred Pearce

An on-the-ground exploration of the impending world water crisis by a veteran environmental reporter

Named as one of the Top 50 Sustainability Books by University of Cambridges Programme for Sustainability Leadership and Greenleaf Publishing.

In this groundbreaking book, veteran science correspondent Fred Pearce travels to more than thirty countries to examine the current state of crucial water sources. Deftly weaving together the complicated scientific, economic, and historic dimensions of the world water crisis, he provides our most complete portrait yet of this growing danger and its ramifications for us all.
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“A strong—and scary—case that a worldwide water shortage is the most fearful looming environmental crisis. With a drumbeat of facts both horrific (thousands of wells in India and Bangladesh are poisoned by fluoride and arsenic) and fascinating (it takes 20 tons of water to make one pound of coffee), the former New Scientist news editor documents a ‘kind of cataclysm’ already affecting many of the world’s great rivers.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Oil we can replace. Water we can’t—which is why this book is both so ominous and so important.” —Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature


Review: Daily Kos - July 12, 2007
“. . . perhaps it is time for you to spend some time with Fred Pearce and his wonderful When the Rivers Run Dry.”Read Full Review
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When the Rivers Run Dry

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