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The Way of Jesus

Living a Spiritual and Ethical Life

Author: Jay Parini

Renowned poet and novelist Jay Parini’s The Way of Jesus is a book for progressive Christians and spiritual seekers who struggle, as Parini does, with some of the basic questions about human existence: its limits and sadnesses, and its possibilities for awareness and understanding.

Part guide to Christian living, part spiritual autobiography, The Way of Jesus is Jay Parini’s exploration of what Jesus really meant, his effort to put love first in our daily lives. A lifelong Christian who has at times wavered and questioned his beliefs, Parini recounts his own efforts to follow Jesus’s example, examines the contours of Christian thinking, and describes the solace and structure one can find in the rhythms of the church calendar. Parini’s refreshingly nondogmatic approach to Christian thinking incorporates teachings from other religions, as well as from poets who have helped Parini along his path to understanding.
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“Jay Parini is one of those writers who can do anything.”
—Stacy Schiff, New York Times Book Review

“For two millennia, the figure of Jesus has haunted the imagination of spiritual seekers around the world, including many great writers, philosophers, and theologians. It might seem there could be nothing fresh to say about him. Yet in each generation, thoughtful observers find new meaning in his life and teachings, as Jay Parini does in this compelling account. A poet as well as a scholar, Parini delves into the history of the faith he espouses and into the mystery at the core of existence. ‘Jesus was first and foremost a teacher,’ he tells us. The same could be said of the man who wrote this lucid, candid, eloquent book.”
—Scott Russell Sanders, author of Earth Works: Selected Essays

The Way of Jesus

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