Beacon Press: The Price of the Ticket
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The Price of the Ticket

Collected Nonfiction: 1948–1985

Author: James Baldwin   Narrated by: JD Jackson

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An essential compendium of James Baldwin’s most powerful nonfiction work, calling on us “to end the racial nightmare, and achieve our country.”

Personal and prophetic, these essays uncover what it means to live in a racist American society with insights that feel as fresh today as they did over the 4 decades in which he composed them. Longtime Baldwin fans and especially those just discovering his genius will appreciate this essential collection of his great nonfiction writing, available for the first time in affordable paperback. Along with 46 additional pieces, it includes the full text of dozens of famous essays from such books as:

  • Notes of a Native Son
  • Nobody Knows My Name
  • The Fire Next Time
  • No Name in the Street
  • The Devil Finds Work

This collection provides the perfect entrée into Baldwin’s prescient commentary on race, sexuality, and identity in an unjust American society.
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The Price of the Ticket

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