Beacon Press: The Greenhouse Trap
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The Greenhouse Trap

What We're Doing to the Atmosphere and How We Can Slow Global Warming

Author: Francesca Lyman

A World Resources Institute Guide to the Environment

If it's not already here, signs are that climate change may come soon. What will global warming mean for all of us who share the planet? How will it affect our health, our food supply, and the planet and animal species around us? How does our present way of life damage the atmostphere--and what can we do now to make a difference?


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"If you think that climate change is one of those issues that you can't understand or do anything about, read this book." --Al Gore "This lively exploration of the future we share--and the private agitation about it that we too often don't--may well become an environmental classic." --Denis Hayes, Chair, Earth Day 1990

The Greenhouse Trap

ISBN: 978-080708503-5
Publication Date: 4/30/1990
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