Beacon Press: The Geography of Childhood
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The Geography of Childhood

Why Children Need Wild Places

Authors: Gary Paul Nabhan, Stephen Trimble

“What may happen now that so many more children are denied exposure to wilderness than at any other time in human history?“
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“This thoughtful presentation, testifying to children’s need for direct contact with nature, has value for parents and those who work with children.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A convincing case for the necessity of exposing children to nature.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“I recommend this book for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in child development.”
—Bloomsbury Review

“A provocative and compelling collection.”
—Los Angeles Times Book Review

The Geography of Childhood

ISBN: 978-080708525-7
Publication Date: 4/30/1995
Pages: 216
Size:6 x 9 Inches (US)
Price:  $23.00
Format: Paperback
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